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A short walk from The Mudhouse will bring you face to face with a storybook village full of charm. Here, it’s easy to be left in awe, with waterfalls, breathtaking mountain views, streams, canals and green farms dotting the landscape every step of the way..

Experience the beautiful views around the valley
and relax listening to the world gently moving

Each of our experiences have been curated with care to take you off the beaten trail. Forget using a google map and dive into Marayoor with the sole purpose of finding the unfound. Whether you wish to walk, bicycle or drive, have a leisurely sightseeing or seek adventure, there is something for everybody.

Core Experiences

Experiences around Mudhouse

Culinary Experiences


We spotted hundreds of fireflies on our bi-cycle tour, which was a sight to behold. We went on a jeep ride to a waterfall, Deepak joined us and the off-roading experience was super fun. The waterfall and the views were cherry on top.

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