The Mudhouse Marayoor, Building 382, Channelmedu, Anakkalpetty,
Off Munnar – Udumalpet Rd, Marayoor, Idukki Dt, Kerala, 685620

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Book your stay well in advance to ensure availability. To ensure best experience through maximum soltitude for our guests, we do not encourage casual visits to the property.

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Kindly read our guest communication booklet for house rules, directions to the property, and all other information. We recommend the booklet is downloaded for offline viewing for references. Click to download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there many activities for children?

The Mudhouse Marayoor is a serene destination where your child (or inner child) can immerse in the nature through hikes, treks, cycling, forest baths etc. Kindly do not expect room service, TV, playgrounds etc as thats simply not what we are. Let your child run barefoot in the mud, help with farming or go firefly hunting. Let them see the world and love it for its beauty.

Will there be insects, mosquitoes or wild animals?

The Mudhouse is located in a 3 acre land that borders with the forest.  Our staff are very stringent with their cleaning but changes in weather and the general ecosystem can result in the presence of occasional insects, moquitoes, lizards or frogs. Kindly let them be. Please be mindful of the same before you make a reservation with us.

Our property is also home to chickens, a rooster, a cow and its calf, 4 dogs, squirrels and a wide variety of birds. All of them are friendly and will not hurt you in anyways. We urge you not to feed them but if they let you, you are free to pet them as much as you want.

How many people can stay at The Mudhouse Marayoor?

The Mudhouse Marayoor has 4 Mud Houses and a Treehouse. Each of the Mudhouses can occupy upto 3 members while the Treehouse accommodates 2. In total, the property can host a maximum of 14 members.

How is the network connectivity?

Marayoor has both BSNL and JIO networks. The property has internet connectivity (that allows movie downloads and video calls). However, change in weather may result in poor WiFi. Sometimes, it may not work at all. The internet connectivity is not very stable atop Erumadam or inside the Mud cottages. Kindly be prepared for the same.

What kind of food can we expect at The Mudhouse?

Our meals are deliciously prepared with a homely touch to it. The set meals are predominantly South Indian. We provide both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian meals. We can accommodate dietary/religious exceptions if initmated in advance. Kindly note that options are limited. Our staff are always going above and beyond to ensure that each meal is heartfelt and leaves you more than full.

Are there hospital facilities nearby?

We have a hospital 10 mins drive from the property. The town also hosts clinics, pharmacies, scanning centres etc. Super Specialty Hospital is available 2.5 hours away from the town. Ambulance service is available 24/7.

Which is the best time to visit?

Kerala in general is more beautiful during monsoons. Marayoor is no exception. Streams and waterfalls gush beautifully between May – February. The tempreature is always pleasant and ranges between 15 – 29 degrees around the year. March – May is when flowers are in full blossom. This is also the perfect time for bird, dragonfly, damselfly enthusiasts to visit the area.

Jan – March: Winter, can expect erratic rains. 12-24 degrees.

March – July: Summer/Spring, perfect for bird watching, butterfly/damsel fly watching. Flowers will be in full bloom. Rain is expected in April. 22- 32 degrees.

July – mid October: Monsoon, perfect for relaxed holiday at the property. Waterfalls and waterbodies will be full. 19-27 degrees.

October – January: Winter, fruit season. Visit the nearby farms to see strawberries and apple growing. 15 – 24 degrees.

Are you pet friendly?

While we are all avid animal lovers here at The Mudhouse, our cottages were not constructed with pets in mind. We have since then understood the error of our ways. We are coming up with two brand new cottages where you can stay with your furry friends and have a relaxed holiday. Stay tuned for the same!

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