Witness the beauty of a lovely sun rising above the mountains as you laze in the Verandah with a hot cup of Chai. Read a book, sitting on the bay window and relax. Take a deep breath, exhale and remember – you are here, away from everything that troubles you. You are present and in tune with the birds and the bees flying around.

Cob – Nature Living is a twin cottage that came about through the intertwining of aesthetic design with traditional materials. Echoing barefoot luxury every step of the way, Cob is romantic, intimate and modern. Spacious interiors, serene and open to the sky washroom are complemented perfectly by the breathtaking views of the sprawling valley and mountains. Great attention has been given to the tiniest of details indulging you in a sense of wonder as you step into the lovely cottage. Bamboo decks situated outside the cottages are ideal for lazing in the sun or to perform Yoga during the day. A sense of ease is ever present here, helping you relax and feel closer to the beauty around you.

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