Enjoy the stillness of early mornings with a steaming cup of chai or by quietly meditating from Adobe’s garden. Located at the lower end of the property, the humble cottage is spacious, homely and just the perfect cosy spot for you to gently escape from the world. Earthy and cool, the interiors are sure to make you feel at home.

Constructed as a vacation home for Pushpa’s family, Adobe – Nature Living is a breath of fresh air for those visiting from the city. Cozy and comforting, the twin cottage has two identical units each spotting a Verandah, living, bedroom and washroom. Constructed using sustainable and locally sourced materials, Adobe awakens nostalgia for a life long gone by. Bespoke furnishing complements the humble mud walls and thatch roof. The warli paintings on the walls are beautifully drawn enhancing the beauty of the space through their storytelling.

The floor is maintained periodically using cow dung and mud, keeping the interiors cool and hygienic. The Verandah opens into a lawn and a gazebo that overlook the Sahayadri. Lilies, Heliconia, roses and hibiscus swing softly in tune with the breeze. The view and the setting are enough to awaken the long lost poet or artist inside you. Safe for toddlers to roam around and accessible to senior citizens, the cottage is just the perfect fit for everyone who wishes to enjoy The Mudhouse in peace.

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